How to transfer wordpress site from one host to another

How to transfer wordpress site from one host to another

Transferring your WordPress website to a new host may be a difficult task. Many people face problems while moving their site from one host to another. This may give birth to various issues along with  loss of important data


How to transfer WordPress website from one host to another

1. Change the links.



If you are migrating from local server to production server then you have to change all the links from localhost to the website so that all the links and post will work properly.

Changing the links is quite easy.

Visits the setting -> General setting of the wordpress blog

Change the site url to the new site which will automatically change the url. Otherwise we have to go to wp_options to change the site url but it becomes messy if we have lots of data.
2. Backup your data

The most important Step before initiating transfer is properly backing up your data. Before migrating your website all you have to do is to safely backup your data. We will prefer manual backup for this. Simply go to File manager of your host and download all the files under your wp folder.

3 . Exporting the wp Database


Exporting wp database is very important and easy too.

Visit the cpanel and then go to phpmyadmin. Select the database and click on export tab from navigation menu.

Select the quick export, click on go button and database export process will begin.

4 .Create wp database in new host.
Create a new database as we are going to import our old database here.
a. Go to the phpmyadmin of new host and create a new database
b. Create new mysql user and assign him password.
c. Grant all the privileges to this user.
Note down the database name, username and password.
d. Edit the config  file
Find the wp-config file in local directory where we can make backup of all the files.

Find define (“DB_NAME”, “db_name”);
Change db_name to your new database name.
define(“DB_USER”, “user_wrdp”);
change “user_wrdp” to your new user.
define(“DB_PASSWORD”, “password”);
Similarly change the password.

5. Import Database

Import the database file which we had exported earlier as a backup.
Goto phpMyAdmin in cPanel and select your new database. Click the “Import” tab at the top of the page
Under “File to Import”, select the database file which you had downloaded earlier.
Import the database from your old online casino server and get ready to use your site with your new host.
6. Upload Files to New Server

After successfully importing the sql file in database now it’s time to import the file to the new server in public_html or to any folder which belongs to your website. Make sure that you have already changed the wp-config file carefully.
7. Configure DNS Settings
Login to your new site hosting and where your domain is located and simply change the DNS associated with the domain according to new name servers.
8. Enjoy Your New Host
After your DNS changes have fully propagated (this can take up to 48 hours), you will be able to login to your WordPress site on your new server with the username and password which you had used on your old server.

WordPress plugins to transfer wordpress site

If you still find it risky to migrate your wp website don’t worry. To avoid your hassle and worry there are some other methods which will help you to migrate using wp plugins.
Here are the list of various wp plugins given below.


All in one wp migrator




Summing Up
Moving your WordPress site is an easy and simple method, even though it’s great to take care with every step and make sure you’ve backed up your data, in case whatever is going incorrect.


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