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The target market for your dream application is huge. Bridge your smartphone design & development Gap with PhoneGap

With the market segregated with the loyal users of iOs, Android and Windows, it can be quite difficult to decide which market to target and which to leave. Writing native Apps for all of them can be an expensive and a time consuming process. This gap has now been bridged by PhoneGap.

PhoneGap is a great framework to create cross-platform mobile apps by using standards-based web technologies like Java, CSS3 and HTML5. This is a great way to bridge your market gap and reach to millions of users around the globe using an array of mobile devices.

Some of the PhoneGap App Development we do for:

  • Entertainment and Personalisation
  • Books and Reference
  • Utility and Gaming
  • Lifestyle, Education and more


Top 7 Effective Tips to Maximise Your Outsourcing Experience

Stop bidding the outsourcer dry. When you look around, always bear in mind that you get what you pay for. Which means that you better offer competitive rates and avoid bidding to the very last drop. Plus, it’s the only fair thing to do, given their skills and expertise.

Perform your own homework. Prior to ultimately deciding on outsourcing a certain task or project, research on the industry or project in detail and then take note of the specifications. Get all the areas covered.

Never ask the outsourcer to perform the job for free. Although it’s called freelancing, nothing is for free. Well, nothing in this world is, anyway. It is a real job and these freelancers are skilled and professional wholesale jerseys from china individuals. Not only do they support themselves, but also their families; they have mouths to feed, bills to be paid, and some, they use their salaries to send their cheap jerseys kids, siblings, nephews or nieces to school. It’s okay to wholesale jerseys china ask for samples of their work or test your applicants and see if they fit your qualifications. For web designing, it’s easier said than done better give them paid tests. As for backlinks or link building tasks, wholesale nfl jerseys 2 URL samples would be enough.

Treat them as if they’re your permanent employees. If you invest wholesale jerseys china time and effort in training the people in your company, in turn, then they will perform up to par, plus they would deliver satisfactory performance and results for you.

Pay your outsourcers on time. If you were in their shoes, it’s difficult to work that hard if your employer wholesale nhl jerseys or manager never pays you on time, right?

Appreciate what your outsourcer Wholesale Custom Jerseys contributes to you. Appreciate the fact that someone with the right skills and experience is bringing something to your organisation. In addition, remember what made you cheap jerseys decide to outsource a certain project/task. It may be that you lack the manpower for the job, or your staff do not have the skills you’re looking for. Value what they bring to the table.

Offer recommendations as well as referrals. If they deliver a good job, then of course, gladly pay it forward and offer referrals. You may also create a good recommendation on their LinkedIn.

Do these 7 tips and cheap jerseys then you can improve on your working relationship with your outsourcers and get the best out of them. Who knows? You may also learn wholesale nfl jerseys some things from them.Articles Connexes´╝Ü

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