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Muudys is an online MLM web application that allows user to earn while shopping.
Members will be eligible for any of the levels such as bronze, silver etc. On getting qualified for discount as mentioned, he/she will get 10% of commission from immediate member. In case a person qualifies for another level e.g. from bronze to silver then they enter next level.

There are two types of Registrations:
1. Direct member Registration be Company
2. Referral System By Members plan will work upto level 6

There are two types of Accounts:
1. User account
2. Admin

Features of User or Member Account
1. When user logins into his/her account for the first time, a welcome message in the form of certificate will be issued by the company
2. View his/her Shopping Record
3. View his/her discounts and commissions
4. Check his/her Level
5. View his/her downline
6. Notification regarding commissions are generated
7. Can provide their feedback and send message to admin
8. View Gallery
9. Monthly list of Achiever or Highest Earner.
10. Monthly list of Highest Shopper.

Features of Admin Account
1. Company is having its own id for direct registration
2. Edit members profile and view their bank details
3. Date wise list of members
4. No fields will be mandatory while adding a member
5. Member tree view
6. Send messages to members
7. View commission whether it is date wise, overall or per member
8. View discount applied
9. Report of levels
10. Reward List
11. Block or delete member(s)
12. Weekly and monthly sale chart according to category
13. View members account balance
14. Backup or print data
15. Search member by Email id, name, mobile number or id(MDS___)
16. Search bill by bill number
17. Gallery management
18. Confirmation page to show distribution of income after sale
19. View shopping record of members
20. Discharge amount after one month
21. Verification of payment details via SMS
22. Record maintenance after payment with check number and SMS code
23. Stock management

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