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Top 7 Strategies To Leverage More Business From Existing Customers

ASK THEM FOR IT. When did you last? Pretty wholesale jerseys simple, eh?

Give them something, which adds value to what they already bought, and encourages them to buy more.

My 30 30 30 RULE: At wholesale jerseys china the point of sale, after the customer has given you cheap nfl jerseys the YES signal and you have closed them, ask Wholesale Custom Jerseys them to buy a complimentary product right then and there. 30% will cheap jerseys say cheap jerseys YES. Then, 30 days later, ask cheap jerseys shop all of your customers who just bought, to buy again another complimentary product. 30% will say YES. Using my 30 30 30 rule, you can increase wholesale jerseys your sales 60% immediately at NO to very little extra cost, as long as you understand, that you will be told NO 140% more. If its valuable, they’ll buy it and you’ll have another revenue stream.

Throw a Party! Invite them in. Law of reciprocity will encourage them to want wholesale jerseys china to buy more or refer their friends.

Re package your product into larger quantities. This will increase your average ticket, resulting in more business cheap mlb jerseys china from same customer. Example: Bottle of Pepsi, instead of Can, gets them 20 more.Articles Connexes´╝Ü

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